What VES does for you

With our advanced systems you have the ability to monitor every aspect of your kiosks 24/7 from your computer or your "smartphone" mobile phone. You can literally see the money pouring out of your phone.

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Starting Out with Visual Entertainment Systems

   You have a business location and we have equipment that needs a home. We will place our state-of-the art Internet kiosk with our premium games in your business and train you and your employees how to generate money in the process. With our proven system, the NetStar kiosk is sure to not let you or your customers down. Visual Entertainment Systems has helped businesses throughout the United States and we would like you to be the next to work with us.

Easy as A B C ...

   Our technicians will install your kiosks, set-up your network, and train you and your employees how to utilize every aspect of our customizable software as well as 24/7 remote monitoring capability. With reliable wireless Internet built-in to every machine, the NetStar Internet kiosk can be installed anywhere there is electricity.

On-site Installation and Hands-on Training

   Once you contact a Visual Entertainment Systems representative, you will immediately recognize the value we provide. We have spent years tirelessly working towards perfecting the new age of Internet kiosks. We utilize top-of-the-line (through cost effective and domestically engineered design and creation, of course) touchscreens. Our kiosks also feature proprietary computer hardware of the highest pedigree and precision-assembled secure frames for our standing kiosks as well as bar-top kiosks. Once assembled, our kiosks are tested in order to ensure our customers never receive a system that is less than perfect.