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Learn about our history and how we used our experience to develop the best comprehensive solution available.

Visual Entertainment Systems

   Welcome to the future of the Internet Kiosk. Developed by Visual Entertainment Systems, the NetStar kiosk is not like any other Internet kiosk you have seen before. The experts at Visual Entertainment Systems have developed a comprehensive plan for providing your business or non-profit with an exciting and, most importantly, legal way to increase revenue in more ways than one.

   Whether you want two or twenty, Visual Entertainment Systems can help you provide exciting entertainment for patrons while generating substantial revenue. You owe it to your business or non-profit organization, as well as your customers, to see what Visual Entertainment Systems is all about. Get informed. Be profitable. Choose Visual Entertainment Systems and get in contact with a Representative today to experience first-hand the amazing earnings potential.

Our Advantage

   With on-site installation, hands-on training, and constant real-time updates, Visual Entertainment Systems is your solution for entering one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. We have worked with many business owners providing thousands of units that are pleasing clients and thrilling customers - contact a Representative and learn how you can experience what hundreds of thousands already are.

The Ultimate Kiosk

   The NetStar kiosk will allow your patrons to enjoy 4G Internet access as they surf the web as they please. Our team has developed both proprietary hardware and software that includes the most profitable, customizable, and legal games available. Combined with our modern, sleek, and domestically fabricated NetStar stand-alone and NetStar bar-top kiosks, we provide an Internet experience that will benefit other aspects of your business based on increased traffic.