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Our experts and legal team have compiled responses to the most common questions we have encountered in our business. There's a huge opportunity in front of you. Take your time, do the research, don't miss out.


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History and Formation of the Internet Kiosk

   Visual Entertainment Systems formed as a comprehensive solution to business owners who want to provide their customers with a legitimate and exciting Internet kiosk experience. Starting with a number of original locations, founding members saw years of success as the fledgling industry was in its infancy. You could see it everywhere - the seats at the bar-top game kiosks are always full!

   However, there were problems. Between fringe gaming practices and the often unfeasible infrastructure required to operate such machines, there existed plenty of room for improvement. Working with the leaders in each industry, Visual Entertainment Systems has been committed to developing the best custom hardware, gaming software, and kiosk design that has revolutionized Internet kiosks irreversibly. Combining these advances with exceptional customer service and 24/7 real-time monitoring, Visual Entertainment Systems distances itself from the pack.

At Visual Entertainment Systems, our professionals are ready to talk to you today and walk you through the simple process. We are happy to discuss, design and implement our system for you. Contact a representative now!

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