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Our kiosks are manufactored with expert precision at every step. Explore how we incorporate industy leading steel manufactoring with the most reliable and advanced hardware and software.


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Growth and The Internet Kiosk Market

   From the beginning we have been focusing on how to improve upon the Internet kiosk experience from all angles. In the early 2000’s, Internet cafes in general were only just getting into the swing of what the customer, and the business owner, wanted. Customers were still having fun, but there were many aspects of the industry that were not nailed down yet. Issues such as legality, initial cost, and poor user experience were encroaching on the huge potential profits business owners were missing out on.

   After many years of success and watching the industry mature, Visual Entertainment Systems saw a wide-open opportunity to improve and expand upon the Internet kiosk industry. Working with industry leaders, we have developed proprietary hardware that runs our kiosks in a reliable and efficient manner. We have teamed up with NetSweeps, a firm producing the newest and most exciting games available. Also, whether you buy two or twenty, all units have reliable and consistent wireless Internet access. All you have to do is find a place and plug it in!

At Visual Entertainment Systems, our professionals are ready to talk to you today and walk you through the simple process. We are happy to discuss, design and implement our system for you. Contact a representative now!

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