Picture of actual gameplay

Picture of actual gameplay

Promotional Sweepstakes Games At Its Best

   Visual Entertainment Systems has selected the top game design companies to incorporate into our Internet kiosks. We provide your customers with the best gaming experience available, as well as making the game management system easy for you and your employees. Our sweepstakes promotional games are not only exciting but are also legal and allow you to even incorporate your favorite charity into our unique revenue sharing program.

Types of Promotional Games

   The NetStar Kiosk offers an array of exciting games that are leading the industry. Casino-style games such as Keno, card, slot, or Bingo games are the most popular. However, our gaming systems take these household favorites and bring them to the next level with dazzling graphics and invigorating new aspects of game play. Check out the demo and see for yourself!

The Comprehensive Kiosk Software Solution

   At Visual Entertainment Systems, we have expertly crafted the art of Internet Kiosk game experience. Combined with our renowned Kiosk construction and reliable proprietary hardware, the exciting and manageable software system places the cherry on the sundae of the Internet kiosk market. The games are both intuitive and exhilarating and the on-site training combined with 24/7 access makes it easier than ever for you to continue running your business while generating more revenue.