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The Web-Based Solution: Put Your Business On Easy-Mode

   If you are into technology and the web you may have heard about the newest term in the lexicon of tech-talk since- the cloud. If not the cloud, as its been dubbed, is the idea that you can have one location (on the web) that provides all of the information the individual terminals need and use through a constant, streaming connection. This is how all large firms (Google, Amazon) operate their websites. To use an example, old-style arcade games do not operate based on a cloud. Those games (Pacman, etc.) operate on a client-server model, meaning the gaming software is all installed on the device and updating requires a technician to show-up and manually manipulate the terminal.

   Our kiosks operate based on the idea of the cloud. Each Internet kiosk is linked, continuously, to our game-servers in order to operate. The web-based solution provides the opportunity for effortless customer service and client adjustments to the kiosks without the cost, time, and lost revenue of a technician having to come and service every machine every time there is an issue or regular update. Further, the web-based solution helps facilitate the aforementioned gaming characteristics that make sweepstakes gaming 100% legal. Without the web-based solution, one would have to manage an expensive, complicated, and temperamental on-location server that is susceptible to all kinds of thwarting imaginable.

   Combining our professionally-machined kiosks with the most advanced gaming system is only good if the service is of the same quality. With our systems, we can not only use remote access to solve any unforeseen problems as well as routine updates, you can even use your web-enabled cell phone to have full access to the entire system!