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How Systems Work: Promotional Sweepstakes Games

   The NetStar kiosk offers the most entertaining and legal games on the market. To further explain the process of Sweepstakes gaming: how it works, why its legal- we must discuss how our systems are complaint with all law and regulations. A Sweepstakes game is a self-funded promotion that has a fixed chance for participants to win. Winners are selected from a finite group of entries and payment is funded by the cost of entry to all Internet kiosk users. With our unique revenue sharing opportunities, the proceeds can be distributed to charitable causes in addition to the owner of the establishment (i.e. 501(c)3 organizations, etc.)

   In short- customers using your kiosk will exchange money for Internet time. Internet time is the product being sold by your kiosk. You are not selling points in order for customers to play games- there is no exchange of money for more Sweepstakes points. The games available are merely a marketing aspect of your kiosk’s product- Internet time. Those individuals who own and operate our kiosks are in accordance with national sweepstakes rules and are, in no way, encroaching on any law or regulation of such. Visual Entertainment Systems has worked tirelessly in an effort to develop games that are as fun and exciting as any in Vegas while strictly following all laws set forth thereof.